April 21 Will Be Here Soon

The long cold winter is coming to a close, and we’re working hard to get ready for Opening Day, Saturday, April 21. We’re hoping the warmer than usual February will be an indicator of the weather coming our way this spring and summer. Also higher than usual have been the number of calls and emails about season passes.  We are very pleased to be able to keep the season pass rate the same as last year at $89.99 per person, with $10 of FREE Splash Cash included on every season pass.

We have a very bright person coming to us from Kansas before we open to help us create some surprises for season pass holders. They’ve already helped us speed up the process of selling season passes on our two sale days- Saturday, April 21, and Saturday, April 28. We also have a new Bring-A-Friend wild card that season pass holders can use any day of the season.

Speaking of the season, we’ve added a few more operating days, provided the school calendars, and the moon and the stars all align. We are truly looking forward to sharing a wonderful summer with all of you, whether you live here, or just visiting for a few days. Now let’s make this a Shipwreck Island Summer!

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