Opening Day is in Sight

2018 is off to some warm, often record-setting warm days, and we’re hoping for an even warmer spring that gets our water very comfortable by opening day. That day is Saturday, April 21, and we’re expecting our best season pass sale day ever.

We actually have two season pass sale days at Shipwreck, and they are almost always the first two Saturdays of our season. The second sale day this year will be Saturday, April 28. We have added a few days on this year’s calendar, to make the season a tad longer, provided the school calendar’s and the suns and moons come into alignment. 

We have a very smart person coming to us in early April from Kansas to help us implement some surprises for season pass holders during the 2018 summer season. The season pass SALE PRICE for the two days listed above will be $89.99 per person, and it will come with $10 of FREE Splash Cash to buy food and beverage, or souvenirs in the park. This is the same price as 2017, but the season pass add-ons will be something new, if our smart person can help us build the surprises. 

We have missed all of our loyal Shipwreck Island families during the cold, lonely winter, and we can’t wait to see you all on the last two weekends in April.



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